Former Clinton-Investigating Rep. Barbara Comstock Moves to Limit Congressional Inquiries into Trump Administration


investigate trump demo
Constituents demonstrate outside Comstock’s Sterling, VA office/J. Cuasay


“Last week I called for an independent investigation that the American people can trust,” said Congresswoman Barbara Comstock in a statement to her constituents, last night. “With Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel, the American people can have confidence in a fair and thorough investigation as well as confidence in the eventual outcome.”

Ms. Comstock was referring to the terse statement she made last week in response to the firing of FBI Director, James Comey, in which she opined, “There must be an independent investigation that the American people can trust.”

She tweeted out her statement to her followers at approximately 8 PM:

What many constituents in Virginia’s 10th Congressional district may not know is that, just 90 minutes before she released that statement, she voted on the House floor to block an appeal by Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) to reconsider H. Res. 186, which calls on the House to request Mr. Trump’s tax returns.

Rep. Pascrell addressed the House yesterday evening for several compelling minutes, where he spoke of the importance of having access to Trump’s tax returns as part of the investigation into possible financial entanglements with Russia, and potential conflicts of interest for Mr. Trump in changing the tax code, and in privatizing publicly-held lands for commercial purposes. The Resolution, which has nearly 100 co-sponsors, is careful to task the House Ways and Means Committee review Trump’s taxes in a closed, Executive Session.

It should be considered a privileged Resolution under Rule IX of the House, argued Pascrell, because “There is nothing more threatening to the integrity of this House than ignoring our duty to provide a check and balance to the executive branch.” At the podium, he held up a print-out of yesterday’s article in the Wall Street Journal, titled “Russian State- Run Bank Financed the Deal Involving Trump Hotel Partner” which reports that “U.S. investigators are looking into any ties between Russian financial institutions, Mr. Trump and anyone in his orbit.”

Moscow Bank Aided Trump Partner

The Speaker of the House refused to consider the Resolution under the Privilege Rule. When Pascrell appealed, Barbara Comstock and most of her Republican colleagues voted to table it. Thus, it remains on the back burner.

Meanwhile, Rep. Comstock has continued to remain silent on House Bill 356, the “Protecting our Democracy Act,” which seeks to form an independent Commission to investigate Russian collusion with the Trump administration. With 200 co-sponsors, and more expected to sign on (most recently two Republican Representatives), the bill has languished in Committee since it was introduced last in January.

In order to get it to the full House floor for consideration, Representatives are signing a “discharge petition,” a maneuver the New York Times says has only been successful on two other occasions in the recent past. (Spoiler Alert: Comstock has not signed the petition)

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Ca.), one of the original sponsors of the Bill, released this statement after it was announced that Mueller would be appointed as Special Prosecutor:

Note how much farther it goes than Barbara Comstock’s statement.

With the scandals swirling, every Representative is issuing a statement on the matter, ranging from calling for Mr. Trump’s impeachment, to calling for “less drama from the White House.” Many Republicans and Democrats are calling for an investigation that the American People can trust.

Recent statements and actions show that we can’t trust Barbara Comstock to play any type of role in an investigation into the matter. Except for maybe the role of impediment.

Feeling nostalgic about the years Ms. Comstock spent investigating the Clintons? Watch this clip:

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