Comstock Fires up the Clinton Hate-Machine, Again

Last week, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock sent out a fundraising request to a section of her base whom she must have listed in a database called, “Clinton-haters.” It is this kind of divisive message that turns the stomachs of most independent voters. According to recent statistics, there are a lot of independents in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Even worse for Ms. Comstock, a recent analysis shows that she would not have won reelection without the thousands of voters who voted for her, along with Hillary Clinton for president. Comstock Risks 2018 Reelection by Alienating Key “Split Voters” with Trump Agenda

Read the missive, below, and see whether you agree with the edits, courtesy of District 10 resident, Alyssa Brown:

comstock for congress letterhead

missive 1

missive 2

Read the original letter, here.

Wondering what fundraising she’s doing tomorrow night? She’ll be attending an event on Capitol Hill:

A Night on Capitol Hill

Interested in welcoming Barbara Comstock at this event? Visit this page for more details.

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