Comstock Aides Assist Her in Dodging Constituents with Opposing Views


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Comstock stands near the door, ready to make a speedy exit


Local attendees of a Health & Wellness Fair witnessed a surprising incident involving Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, this past weekend. Our readers are well-aware that Comstock refuses to hold a Town Hall. So, it’s no surprise that some residents came out to the Fair specifically to see Comstock, once they heard she was there.

(From The Loudon Times editorial board to Comstock: Hold the Town Hall)

In a Congressional district where it is nigh impossible to meet with one’s Representative, people have to work extra hard to get face-time, especially since constituents who make appointments and make the trek to her office often find that they are only permitted to meet with staff – very rarely with the Congresswoman, herself.

Hearing that Comstock was at the event, local Indivisible member and district resident, Guy Potucek, showed up to greet her, with the hope that he may be able to speak with her about certain pieces of legislation.

Mr. Potucek says he came to speak to Comstock about her views on the ever-changing proposals to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and to find out why the staffers who answer phones for her never seem to know what Comstock’s votes will be, on any given issue.

According to eyewitness accounts, when Comstock’s staff saw Potucek coming, “Her staff informed Comstock via text that he showed up, and suggested to her that she go to another area of the event where he could not physically see her. He proceeded to talk to her staff,” instead.

The staffer that he spoke with works for the Congresswoman, as an aide for Constituent Services. That makes what happened next particularly ironic. The aide told Potucek that Comstock had already left the event. Mr. Potucek decided to mention his legislative concerns and asked a few questions of the staff, finishing with an attempted joke that he was “probably on some ‘watch list.’”

According to several bystanders, after Potucek left, two staff members trashed his views and spent copious amounts of time “muttering under their breath about Town Halls.” After overhearing these remarks, one witness confirmed what had only been meant as a joke: “Essentially, they said yes, [he is] on their watch list.”

(From the Loudon Tribune editorial on Comstock: We Think the Swamp is Not Draining)

Comstock was spotted at the event, after this constituent was gone. We can only assume that she waited for a text from her staff, letting her know it was “safe” to come back. Face-to-face encounter, averted.

“How can we make progress if Ms. Comstock refuses to even be within sight of someone who disagrees with her positions, much less talk to that person? I just came from a public event where this happened, and her staff was in on it,” remarked one bystander, after the incident.

Indeed, how? This is instructive for District 10 voters. These are the lengths to which Barbara Comstock will go, in order to avoid people with conflicting views.

This is the situation in which Virginia’s District 10 finds itself, after narrowly voting Comstock in for another term. Constituents are learning that Comstock’s staffers attempt to discredit constituents in the media, advise Comstock that these residents aren’t authentic or spontaneous, and encourage her to avoid them, physically.

Ultimately, the message is clear: If Comstock is unwilling to meet with a single person, then there’s no way on Earth that she will ever consent to holding a Town Hall.

Finally, it makes one wonder: who else is on the staff’s Watch List?

3 thoughts on “Comstock Aides Assist Her in Dodging Constituents with Opposing Views

  1. My open letter to Barabara Comstock Rep 10th District of VA (who does not represent me or many others and who will not hold a town hall) Please write your representatives and senators in Congress. High-risk pools are exactly where we were BEFORE the ACA and it would for all practical purposes destroy the ACA

    Tuesday, May 2, 2017

    Rep. Barbara Comstock
    229 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-5136
    Fax: (202) 225-0437
    Dear Rep. Comstock,

    We continue to wait for an answer to our numerous requests for answers and on where you stand on healthcare for your constituents. In speaking to activists, it becomes increasingly obvious your pattern is to ignore constituents because you think you can. It is also clear that the majority of people in this country and in the 10th District of Virginia want healthcare coverage. Many people in the US will NOT survive if the Republicans get their way and destroy the progress we made with the Affordable Care Act.

    High-risk pools are a joke, you know it and so do I and so do many other people you are supposed to represent EVEN in our very gerrymandered district. Once there is a profit to be made – the bottom line is what becomes important to insurance companies. To not only save but also enhance the bottom line, insurance companies want “risk pools” where they can charge or deny based not on healthcare basics but ON THEIR BOTTOM PROFIT MARGIN LINE. Connecting PROFIT to healthcare is not only unethical but also detrimental to the health of people who will continue not to be able to afford healthcare, and some will die in the process.

    SEGREGATION of sick people is the method insurance companies use to set up these unethical high-risk pools. It’s a virtual refugee camp for those who are disabled, sick or have pre-existing conditions. It’s the pay-as-you-go-get-sick-and-die plan. High-risk pools were EXACTLY what we HAD BEFORE the ACA. Furthermore, the high-risk pools are what created the NEED for the ACA and passage of the ACA. High-risk pools were a major failure of our healthcare system and DIRECTLY led to Obamacare. Please tell me HOW reinstating them will improve healthcare?

    So I ask a simple question: Are you in favor of these high-risk pools? Yes or No?

    If you REALLY represented constituents, you would hold an in-person Townhall, not a less-than-adequate dial-up where you never have to face the many upset people you “say” you represent. At the very least you should honor your commitment to meet with us through your chief of staff.


    Nancy and David Hemenway

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