District-wide Demonstrations Against Comstock Continue

Residents in Virginia’s 10th District continued their week-long #ReclaimRecess demonstrations outside Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s Sterling office today. The theme was “Toxic Tuesday,” geared toward highlighting the Trump agenda’s proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency and science funding. Also at issue was Comstock’s tendency to rubber-stamp legislation that comes from Trump and the GOP party leadership. Of particular concern for Virginia residents is Comstock’s stated support for allowing off-shore drilling as a way of generating funds for transportation projects.

VA-10 resident Jan Hyland rallied with fellow constituents to ask why Comstock voted to repeal the Stream Protection Rule and voted for the “HONEST” Act, which bans the EPA from using a significant amount of scientific research for developing regulations geared at protecting people from the hazards of pollution.

350 Loudon co-Chair, Amanda, who was also on site at Comstock’s office today to deliver her remarks to the absentee Congresswoman:

Barbara Comstock has not represented me on the very real and pressing issues of climate change and expanding our renewable energy capacity. She has not represented me in protecting the wildlife and wild places that I think are uniquely American. She has not represented my interests when it comes to clean air and clean water. She has not represented my interests for a livable planet for future generations.

She went on to question the serious concerns, echoed by many district-wide residents, that Comstock often seems to vote in ways that are tailored for outside interests and for her biggest donors, many of whom are law firms and international oil corporations.

VA-10 residents will be demonstrating outside Comstock’s office again on Wednesday, to put a spotlight on Trump’s immigration plan and infamous border wall. Groups of constituents will be meeting with staff all day. Many will undoubtedly ask why Comstock never appeared at Dulles during the legal immigrant detention crisis, and to ask why she thinks immigrants should be “tracked like Fed Ex packages.” (Yes, she really said that!)

Come and join your neighbors to keep the attention where it belongs: on the dangerous Trump agenda, and Barbara Comstock’s complicity in it. Stop by the Sterling office any day this week between 8-10 AM, or 3-5 PM. Click here for more information, and to register. If you can’t make it to an event, but still want your voice heard, contact Comstock’s office and let them know how you feel about the Trump agenda! Phone calls matter. Watch the Live Stream each day from 8-10 AM and 3-5 PM 


Spring Break Week has not gone well for the beleaguered Representative, whose travel overseas has further angered constituents who continue to call on her to hold a traditional Town Hall like most other Members of Congress are leading in their home districts.

Ms. Comstock, who was last reported to be in Egypt, has suffered a series of high-profile press events this week, including the unveiling of a crowd-funded billboard in her district challenging her to hold a Town Hall. News of the billboard and other constituent efforts have received international press coverage.

In a further blow, yet another Democratic challenger announced he has entered the crowded field of primary candidates who seek to wrest the seat away from Comstock in 2018.

Ms. Comstock has responded in what constituents describe as typical fashion, by releasing a flurry of social media posts on disparate and unrelated issues:

Though Barbara’s repeated, tone-deaf responses are unlikely to help her win reelection in 2018, she did have one good piece of news to announce: she raised $500,000 in the first quarter of 2017. In what will be one of the nation’s most hotly-contested races, she’s going to need every penny.


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