Constituents Across VA-10 Rally to Hold Comstock Accountable

Today was a busy day, in the 10th District of Virginia. Despite Congresswoman Comstock’s decision to flee her district in favor of international travel, constituents persisted with activities meant to bring community awareness to her ultra-conservative positions, and her continued refusal to hold a Town Hall.

We want a date by Friday

A number of VA-10 residents began their morning outside Comstock’s Sterling office. Waving a mix of homemade signs and large banners, people stood outside and waved to motorists and passersby. All throughout the day, small groups of constituents, some with small children in tow, went inside Comstock’s office, to speak with staff.

“I just moved to Loudon, and I haven’t been politically active for very long,” said rallier Courtney Soria. “[Comstock’s] not a moderate when you look at her record. I don’t just want her to hold a Town Hall so that I can ask her questions – I want to hear the concerns of the people in my district that I might not otherwise know about.”

At mid-day, constituents in Winchester held an event to unveil a billboard placed on Rt. 522, calling on Ms. Comstock to “Do your job,” and “Hold a Town Hall.” Though critics have said this is a stunt organized by “outside groups,” the reality is that it was crowd-funded by Comstock’s own district residents.


Dump Comstock billboard
Residents pose in front of crowd-funded billboard on Rte. 522 South | Kathie Friedley

Tomorrow, residents will be back again. Morning and evening rush-hour rallies will be held to highlight Comstock’s anti-environment voting record, including voting repeatedly against the Clean Water Act, and for loosening restrictions on pollution caused by the coal industry. As recently as two weeks ago, Comstock voted to restrict the type of scientific research the Environmental Protection Agency is allowed to use for regulatory purposes.

Ms. Comstock has also gone on record as supporting the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology’s continued harassment of scientists, environmental groups and 20 states Attorneys General through the use of repeated subpoenas, threats of contempt, and summons to appear on the Hill because of their investigations into alleged climate research fraud perpetrated by Exxon Mobile.

Do you have a couple hours to spare tomorrow, to speak up for the environment and science? Did you know that Trump’s proposed budget would remove all clean-up funds for the Chesapeake Bay. Barbara Comstock needs to hear from her district that this is unacceptable.

Can you come add your voice to the growing chorus of friends and neighbors who continue to call on our Congresswoman to step up and vote responsibly for our future generations?


Wish you were here
Constituents rally in Sterling | Jan Hyland


Stop by the Sterling office any day this week between 8-10 AM, or 3-5 PM. Click here for more information, and to register. If you can’t make it to an event, but still want your voice heard, contact Comstock’s office and let them know how you feel about the Trump agenda! Phone calls matter. Watch the Live Stream each day from 8-10 AM and 3-5 PM

Learn more about Barbara Comstock’s ultra-conservative, 100% Trump-aligned voting record: COMSTOCK TRUMP REPORT CARD PDF


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