Comstock’s VA-10 Seeks a Leader in Congress


AHCA 11th hour protest
Constituents gather at Comstock’s Sterling office to protest the AHCA


Dear Congresswoman,

This is my second time writing you so let me give you some background. I am a moderate that you need.

I am someone who split my vote last time. Voting for Hillary for President and you for congress. In general – I do not like one party having full control of Washington. I thought Hillary was going to win the general, and you were as close to a moderate these days I could hope for.

However -you are losing me quickly. It’s not so much your record -As far as I could tell you are still a moderate. It’s your lack of leadership.

I would like my congressperson to not only represent me but to be my voice. I want my congressperson to be a leader! To speak up, to articulate, both to their voters, and other members of congress, where they stand. I would like my congressperson to argue their position for everyone to see, to be forward about what is important to them, and to ask questions that I would ask our leaders if I could.

You seem to have given up on this. On the initial, clearly illegal, travel ban I wrote you. I stated that to ban green card holders and current visa holders was un-American and clearly illegal. You wrote that you agreed, yet Dulles Airport is in your district. I was there -You were not. I did not hear you voice on any of the talk shows, I did not see you make any speeches on the floor (Am I wrong?). All i saw was a letter and a statement that said you were against the ban, and then nothing.

On the health care bill – For weeks your response has been “Undecided.” Congresswoman -What are you waiting on? What part of the bill are you undecided on? What are you looking for? If you are waiting for the final version why are you not speaking up and saying what you want on that final version? This is NOT the time to be sitting on the sideline. Editor’s note: Comstock has now indicated that she would vote no, though she hasn’t released a public statement.

While I am against many aspects of the bill (But not all) I would have more respect for you if you stood up and supported it 100% and explained why, then if you simply stayed quiet and voted no in the end.

And Town Halls. This is not how a leader acts. Confront those that disagree. Listen to why, explain why you feel the way you do. If you are scared to stand in front of your own voters to explain your position, how could I trust you to stand up to members of congress?

At this point- I have more respect for Ted Cruz (Who walked over to a group of protectors and engaged them) and other that I disagree with politically, but are not afraid to explain why.

Once again – I have my views, and I respect those that disagree and engage in debate. Even if I don’t change my mind, it helps me see the other view. You are failing me. You are failing your district. You are not explaining your views or standing up for anything. You are not engaging in debate. You are sitting on the sidelines.

It’s time to get in the game, or go home.

Thank you. Todd Kaufman

2 thoughts on “Comstock’s VA-10 Seeks a Leader in Congress

    1. This letter was written before the vote was called off. Comstock waited to issue any type of statement until after it was clear how the wind was blowing. Ms. Comstock can hopefully do better than that.


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