An Open Letter to the Washington Post


Dear Washington Post,

 It’s been a few months since Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R) won her bid for reelection to represent Virginia’s 10th Congressional district.

 In light of her recent actions, are you still happy with your decision to endorse her during the campaign? (The Post’s Picks for Congress). You wrote that you were impressed with her refusal to endorse Trump, and that she’s not an extremist in her party. While those points should count in her favor, they tend to set a low standard for endorsing someone.

 Keep in mind that, since being sworn in she has voted for the final House Rules package containing the Holman Rule, which allows Congress to target individual federal employees and slash their salaries to $1 per year. She voted for the Midnight Rules Act, which enables Congress to easily undo the late-term Executive Orders signed by President Obama (many of which were designed to protect the environment). She voted to repeal a gun control measure designed to prevent firearms from being purchased by certain people deemed mentally ill, and she voted to repeal the Stream Protection Act, which was designed to hold coal companies accountable for the pollutants they release.

Now she’s set to vote on bills to repeal the Affordable Care Act and dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Constituents are left wondering what she’ll do about these and future controversial bills. In past debates, Rep. Comstock spoke of the importance of involving the public in such complex, critical pieces of legislation. But when will she involve the public? When will she hold a Town Hall? Rather, when will she schedule a Town Hall and actually show up? Comstock no longer “sickened” by Trump. Now feels well enough to kill your healthcare

Being a member of the 115th Congress is not an enviable position. Not for either party. With every Members’ office phones jammed with calls from constituents, political ads pressuring them on the airwaves, and sign-holders standing outside their offices, it must make all but the doughtiest of Members want to duck and cover. However tempting it may be, hiding from constituents and standing them up at Town Hall events is disrespectful and alienating. Comstock could do better with her representation, and the Washington Post could do better with their endorsements.

(Photo: Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)

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