Where to Find Comstock

If you have been out marching on Washington for human rights, protesting at Dulles for detainees, or standing outside an Oakton grocery store in the hopes catching a glimpse of the elusive Barbara Comstock, well, my friend, you’ve been in the wrong places. That’s because catching up with Ms. Comstock these days is as unlikely as a refugee from Syria catching their plane to the United States during the Trump administration.

You see, while you were at these places, Barbara was elsewhere. In fact, she was very busy. But… what could be more important than a Rep. showing up at her own mobile office that she invited people to, or showing up at Dulles to insist that Customs & Border Patrol comply with Judge Brinkema’s Restraining Order? Well, I’ll tell you. Remembrance and dedication ceremonies, a town’s tourism breakfast, several receptions and a Lunar New Year celebration. That’s what she was doing while you were at Dulles, risking arrest. And when you were standing outside that Oakton grocery store in the cold, waiting for her to show up.

Well, maybe you had better luck contacting her by other channels. Did you recently call her office and ask for a Town Hall meeting? She responded by posting a picture of herself at a cancer prevention meeting on Facebook. Did you email her and tell her how concerned you are with the 115th Congressional session’s dark and disturbing agenda, and that you want a Town Hall meeting? She responded by tweeting pictures of herself “wearing red” and also meeting with a solitary high-school student to discuss diabetes.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Well, hell! What does it take to get face-time with my Rep.?” I can’t answer that question at this point. I can only tell you where you should NOT be looking for her. Don’t look for her where she has invited you to go. Don’t look for her in tumultuous places. Don’t expect her to step into the vacuum and try to lead and represent us when times get tough. Look for her at ceremonies, celebrations and community breakfasts. Look for her in small crowds of friendly people.

Good luck!


Photos from Top: Oakton Mobile Office Attendees: Nicole Sealey; Women’s March: Amanda Christman


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